Greetings from the Crystalline Kingdom

Greetings from the Crystalline Kingdom.


Today begins a new chapter in the evolution of the planet where mankind and the crystalline kingdom come together to share and exchange their knowledge.

As we begin to share and expand the consciousness of those around us miracles appear to happen which have always happened, just not usually noticed. Many go through life with their eyes and their hearts closed - that time is coming to an end.


Look around you and see the miracle of life whether it is the smallest seed germinating, a puppy joyously dancing or being able to hear the birds singing their song, it is there for all to see and rejoice. Start to take time each day to step back from the norm and look around you with new eyes and see what is going on around you that you have not had the time to notice before and celebrate the wonder of life.


As Crystalline Beings we have been on this planet for eons and have watched the world change beyond recognition and now we are seeing it coming full circle with unconditional love coming to the fore. 


We begin these pages with a look at how we have travelled the distance with you and yet have remained unseen by many. 



Life for us began eons ago when the world was new and just settling into place. The Star Beings came to assist the planet to grow and nurture. Many of us were propagated from other planets and galaxies and brought to earth to begin to grow so we could assist the planet. We were nurtured and tendered with unconditional love and only knew of that existence therefore we only know how to give unconditional love. Pick up a crystal and feel it start to warm and radiate in your hands and let it surround and fill you with the unconditional love it holds for all. Know that is the way we are and have always been. Sometimes how we are brought from the ground causes us pain and distress and this takes time to leave us just as a trauma in your life would do the same. 


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    Sheila (Saturday, 24 November 2018 20:21)

    Thank you, this is perfect <3

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    Thomas Will Imrie (Saturday, 19 May 2018 18:31)

    I was at one of your workshop's last year in a church! Anyway it was fantastic!

    I've really enjoyed Reading all your enlightened message's my unawakened self would have said that I came across them by accident but my awakened self knows their are no accidents or victim's come to that!

    I especially enjoyed your story on the crystal wand and how you were politely asked to make yourself scarce!!
    Even the word scarce in an abundant universe is a paradox in its self!

    Anyway I really enjoyed your stories Anne I have two books on crystal's that I use when giving my client's advice on the best ones to assist them life and health challenge's along with my own skill's!

    What would you suggest is the best way for my client's to find the stone/crystals that are most beneficial to them?

    I have suggested other than giving them a list of 10 crystal's that are astrologically in alignment with them

    I suggested that they go to a holistic shop that sells Crystal's or Stone's and slide their hand in palm facing down in to the basket or container several times if needed until a stone or Stone's cling or stick to their hand's?

    Is this good advice or can you please enlighten me further with your abundant wisdom on this subject!

    Thank you again for these wonderful message's