Today we begin at the beginning the beginning of time when the world was just a thought in reality.

It is a small point that we require to make – all of humanity was once nothing more than a thought in the evolution of time, a blip in the consciousness of all that is and will be. You were less than a heartbeat away from source itself, you are the heartbeat of source.

We are many and yet so few, we are the diamonds sparkling in the sky and the earth beneath your feet, we are all and yet nothing, we are one and without each other we do not exist

We are the children of light waiting for the call to shine brighter so all can see and feel the gift we have for Gaia and all on her whether animal, mineral vegetable, winged, amphibian or man it is a gift for ALL

By gift we feel you sit up and take notice – amazing how the thought of a gift can make even the smallest child or the oldest person smile and feel excited. This gift is for ALL no matter colour creed etc. it is the gift not of love but of JOY, joy in the heart and soul of all.

Joy opens up so many doors within each of you that you have no understanding for just now and it is as you start to feel that joy coursing through your body that you begin to realise that it activates so much within you that you didn’t realise was waiting to be awakened. You begin to look at the world and everything in it with new eyes seeing the joy in even the smallest act. Watching a baby smile or someone assisting someone else all seen through eyes and heart of joy is far more reaching than the love you have all been working with at this time.

Let today be the day you look with your eyes and heart full of joy and see the difference it makes to your life and those you come in contact with. Let today be filled with the JOY of life itself.