Pass the Parcel

It is only as we start to come into this new lighter energy that we realise the depth and width of the shifts that have been made by all on the planet and beyond.

Many have been struggling and trying to make everything fit in boxes and labelled – this is not the way forward and can actually prove to be a stumbling block for many. The way forward is by letting go of any preconceived ideas or notions, stop listening to others and go with what is within your heart and all will be relatively smooth sailing. Think of yourself on the boat heading for land and a gale blows up just before you get to harbour, the boat requires to drop anchor and just be while the storm blows around it that is the same for all and the more we give in and stop trying to make everything fit into what we would like it to be the easier it is on ourselves.

As we start to feel the layers peeling away from us and our bodies lighten with feelings of delight and hope, we realise that we have actually stepped into 5D with no actual realisation of doing so but know that we have.

Getting used to 5D life requires us to simply be and to take that step back from judgement of all especially ourselves. We often think we have cleared something from our past to only find that it comes up again and again maybe in different forms and scenarios. It is time to look on it as playing pass the parcel ( a gift is covered in layers of paper, each layer separate from the other) when the music stopped the person holding the parcel got to take off a layer of brightly covered paper in the hope they had reached the gift only to find another layer beneath but the excited stayed with you knowing each layer that came off meant you were closer to getting the gift, the same is for clearing ourselves so we can stand in the light that is ourselves and Be the Being we came here to be in all our magnificent glory.