Breaking through our barriers

Today we begin with the way forward not just for you but all of mankind.

It is only as we take that step forward into the unknown that we break down the barriers we have placed around ourselves for eons of time. We have been so used to these barriers that the thought of removing them is almost alien to us. But remove them we must.

Once our preconceived barriers are down we can start seeing the world around us with new eyes, the eyes of a new born child full of wonder and excitement, this is what we have been waiting for and have always known, though could never find.

The joy that comes from seeing through clarity clear eyes is amazing and available to all, there is no class distinction all can see when they have personally taken that step into the unknown with faith in their heart and nothing else.

Let today be the day you step into that space and start to see the world as it is, not as we have perceived it to be.