The following courses are available please contact for more information.


 Andara  Crystalline Codes   

A relaxing 2hours where we not only clear past issues, we also get to experience the new Andara Crystalline Codes....which are newly here to help mankind integrate the energies that are flooding the planet on a regular basis



Cosmic Fluid Frequency

As we move into a more expanded consciousness the languages from the past and future begin to meld and come back to us.

Why limit ourselves with restrictions when we can fly through the Universe exploring more of who we are




Fluid Frequency Experience

6 day online class

Get to experience this is in the comfort of your own home at a time suitable to you



Awaken to The Essence of Who You Truly Are

6 short videos sent to your email address where you can experience and Awaken in your own space and time

." This last has been a beautiful experience beyond explanation...I feel soft and strong and soulfully connected to All That Is...” SS



Crystalline Heart Activation


The Crystalline Heart Activation begins a deep healing within you. It is the start of igniting your crystalline body and bringing in more light. As we ascend on our ascension journey we start to clear our bodies of the old denser energy and begin to live in our hearts. The crystalline heart assists this process by clearing and aligning you to the new frequency of unity, it assists in helping you to step out of the drama that surrounds you and see life from a different perspective …..the bigger picture. The more you work with your heart the clearer and more focused you become.


After 14 days (5mins daily) continual commitment from you, you will be able to clear crystals to the new higher frequency of Oneness


“Like my pole star – point of reference for not getting lost,  I use it as a reference to the pureness when I am in doubt.”  DB 2014


"What I loved about it most was that just by us being there, learning and using the different meditations the colours and the sparkle of the stones gradually changed and the end of the workshop when we were all clearing the crystals was like a crescendo at a symphony really - something that gently built up and opened up a tingle of awe just exploded into a grand finale. Great!" CG 2016


Now available as an On-Line class