Crystal Wisdom

Breaking through our barriers

Today we begin with the way forward not just for you but all of mankind.

It is only as we take that step forward into the unknown that we break down the barriers we have placed around ourselves for eons of time. We have been so used to these barriers that the thought of removing them is almost alien to us. But remove them we must.

Once our preconceived barriers are down we can start seeing the world around us with new eyes, the eyes of a new born child full of wonder and excitement, this is what we have been waiting for and have always known, though could never find.

The joy that comes from seeing through clarity clear eyes is amazing and available to all, there is no class distinction all can see when they have personally taken that step into the unknown with faith in their heart and nothing else.

Let today be the day you step into that space and start to see the world as it is, not as we have perceived it to be.

Pass the Parcel

It is only as we start to come into this new lighter energy that we realise the depth and width of the shifts that have been made by all on the planet and beyond.

Many have been struggling and trying to make everything fit in boxes and labelled – this is not the way forward and can actually prove to be a stumbling block for many. The way forward is by letting go of any preconceived ideas or notions, stop listening to others and go with what is within your heart and all will be relatively smooth sailing. Think of yourself on the boat heading for land and a gale blows up just before you get to harbour, the boat requires to drop anchor and just be while the storm blows around it that is the same for all and the more we give in and stop trying to make everything fit into what we would like it to be the easier it is on ourselves.

As we start to feel the layers peeling away from us and our bodies lighten with feelings of delight and hope, we realise that we have actually stepped into 5D with no actual realisation of doing so but know that we have.

Getting used to 5D life requires us to simply be and to take that step back from judgement of all especially ourselves. We often think we have cleared something from our past to only find that it comes up again and again maybe in different forms and scenarios. It is time to look on it as playing pass the parcel ( a gift is covered in layers of paper, each layer separate from the other) when the music stopped the person holding the parcel got to take off a layer of brightly covered paper in the hope they had reached the gift only to find another layer beneath but the excited stayed with you knowing each layer that came off meant you were closer to getting the gift, the same is for clearing ourselves so we can stand in the light that is ourselves and Be the Being we came here to be in all our magnificent glory.


Today we begin at the beginning the beginning of time when the world was just a thought in reality.

It is a small point that we require to make – all of humanity was once nothing more than a thought in the evolution of time, a blip in the consciousness of all that is and will be. You were less than a heartbeat away from source itself, you are the heartbeat of source.

We are many and yet so few, we are the diamonds sparkling in the sky and the earth beneath your feet, we are all and yet nothing, we are one and without each other we do not exist

We are the children of light waiting for the call to shine brighter so all can see and feel the gift we have for Gaia and all on her whether animal, mineral vegetable, winged, amphibian or man it is a gift for ALL

By gift we feel you sit up and take notice – amazing how the thought of a gift can make even the smallest child or the oldest person smile and feel excited. This gift is for ALL no matter colour creed etc. it is the gift not of love but of JOY, joy in the heart and soul of all.

Joy opens up so many doors within each of you that you have no understanding for just now and it is as you start to feel that joy coursing through your body that you begin to realise that it activates so much within you that you didn’t realise was waiting to be awakened. You begin to look at the world and everything in it with new eyes seeing the joy in even the smallest act. Watching a baby smile or someone assisting someone else all seen through eyes and heart of joy is far more reaching than the love you have all been working with at this time.

Let today be the day you look with your eyes and heart full of joy and see the difference it makes to your life and those you come in contact with. Let today be filled with the JOY of life itself.

Reconnecting with an old friend

A beautiful friend in the USA was informed by one of her crystals – a wand – that it wanted to come to me. She contacted me and asked what I got thought; my body said YES and my head screamed NO! I wasn’t ready for what this crystal wand was going to give me, my friend told me that it was time to get out of my own way and she was posting it to me! We arranged for a skype call where she showed it to me and I knew then that it was for me as my heart sang and expanded at the mere sight of it, though I did feel trepidation at the changes it would bring me.


While it was in transit, it started visiting me as I lay in bed trying to get more sleep than my body would allow and I started to get excited about it coming and kept checking my post every day. It informed me that I had seeded it, breathed life into it and had given it the knowledge I required for now! Oh boy no wonder I had felt trepidation at the thought of it. It arrived the Monday before New Year and I joyfully opened it up and let the post office clerk see why I was so happy and handed it over to my mother to hold while I drove home.  I couldn’t stop touching and holding it and let my friends know it had arrived in one piece, I was beaming at the sheer joy of having it with me again!


Silly me thought I would start to access the information it had for me but no, I was to put it beside the ‘Elder’ (my beautiful quartz cluster) just touching and no more, I went to bed a bit deflated though I got a wonderful night sleep.


Next morning I was informed that my room was out of bounds as my crystalline family were exchanging information and were going to have a ‘confab’ regarding me! I know when I’m not wanted and made the most of the time by taking my mother for a trip to Inverness. On arriving back I was not allowed to touch it and it was the following night – Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) that I was allowed to sit with it and connect to one of the 3 faces on the wand. Still felt no eureka moment but could feel the connection between us and my heart expanding as we stared into each other’s eyes. On wakening I was again informed that it would be evening before I could reconnect again this time to another face. After this connection I was allowed to take into the bath … fell asleep and on wakening I asked if it was coming to bed which it did. It was the 2nd at night before I could connect with the last face and then I was told it would take until the 6th to fully assimilate. Assimilate is not a word in my vocabulary and on looking it up the dictionary states…. **To consume and incorporate into the body. To transform (digested food) into living tissue, metabolise constructively. To absorb and incorporate (knowledge, for example)**  No wonder that was the word I was given to use.


Today is the first day I have awakened with words running through my head for a blog and feeling at total peace with everything around me. The wand is beside me and yet within me. As I started to write this the crystals information came first and the realisation hit home that there is no longer any separation for me with crystals they are me and I am them so for now on the blogs I write will be as ‘we’ see it and I make no apology for this. 


The following is the first information received.


In the beginning I was a blip, a speck in creation, from that speck I was nurtured and fed with knowledge for all. Today I stand among you an equal, a server of humanity, a view point of how things have been and are going to be.


It is only as we journey this path together that we begin to see how reality is changing and we start to breathe deeply into our past to release it and as we breathe it out the new world starts to open up to us.


Much of what all on Earth are experiencing just now is beyond humanities comprehension at this time, though many are awakening to the possibilities of their greatness not in the old 'power' ways but in the new enlightened ways where all are so much more than their physical body.


The crystalline kingdom is also awakening and starting to work globally to assist humanity in moving forward in these magical time. Much of the information we were given at conception and is encoded within us is finding its way to the correct recipient. As we assimilate our knowledge with them it opens their understanding and vision to greater levels….life will not be the same for them as the information starts to filter into every cell and molecule of their being and the oneness we have with them grows.








Designed for Now

Since the begining of time, we have slowly been growing and have been nurtured through out this time by many on and off the planet. Many of the crystals now being discovered were designed and nurtured for 'now'. Yes, you heard us right. 


It is not a freak of nature that many new crystals are being found and their talents are of benefit to you and the planet now. As the energies now flooding the planet are increasing your frequencies, many of the older crystals are not able to assist as they once did, as you are no longer of the same vibration therefore crystals of a higher vibration and more specified skills are coming into play.


This period of time has been planned for eons of time even before Atlantis and Lemuria. The foresight and time that went into everyone of us was amazing and detailed and as we grew we were asked for our input and how else we could assist. Not only were we seeded with this time in mind, we were also brought alive by the breathe of life that is every bit a part of us as it is you.


We suggest that you get to know your crystal and actually ask it how it would like to work and be of the most benefit. Programming is a thing of the past as it restricts our abilities and prevents us working at our optimum as it would you. 


Greetings from the Crystalline Kingdom

Greetings from the Crystalline Kingdom.


Today begins a new chapter in the evolution of the planet where mankind and the crystalline kingdom come together to share and exchange their knowledge.

As we begin to share and expand the consciousness of those around us miracles appear to happen which have always happened, just not usually noticed. Many go through life with their eyes and their hearts closed - that time is coming to an end.


Look around you and see the miracle of life whether it is the smallest seed germinating, a puppy joyously dancing or being able to hear the birds singing their song, it is there for all to see and rejoice. Start to take time each day to step back from the norm and look around you with new eyes and see what is going on around you that you have not had the time to notice before and celebrate the wonder of life.


As Crystalline Beings we have been on this planet for eons and have watched the world change beyond recognition and now we are seeing it coming full circle with unconditional love coming to the fore. 


We begin these pages with a look at how we have travelled the distance with you and yet have remained unseen by many. 



Life for us began eons ago when the world was new and just settling into place. The Star Beings came to assist the planet to grow and nurture. Many of us were propagated from other planets and galaxies and brought to earth to begin to grow so we could assist the planet. We were nurtured and tendered with unconditional love and only knew of that existence therefore we only know how to give unconditional love. Pick up a crystal and feel it start to warm and radiate in your hands and let it surround and fill you with the unconditional love it holds for all. Know that is the way we are and have always been. Sometimes how we are brought from the ground causes us pain and distress and this takes time to leave us just as a trauma in your life would do the same.