Payment is via Paypal after the session and is up to the individual as to what feels right to them


Fluid Frequency Alignment

 The amazing energies that are coming in just now are like nothing we have experienced before and a little assistance through language and codes can go a long way to integrate and ground it  


Fluid Crystalline Frequency

In person or Skype


"Ann's session triggered a deep inner experience for me. Her work felt like activation of dormant potential within.

The language and the tones that she channels opened up a recognition from another realm, and the clearing that took place afterwards was powerful and deep. I felt vortex of energy being created in my first three chakras, and spiralling out different blockages and past life experiences up and out of my body. The levels of energy and consciousness she connects to are incredibly transformative, and there seems to be no limits to what can happen in a single session. The volume of energy transmuted in the process is immense, and the speed at which everything takes place is incredible. 

I have nothing but high regards and sincere recommendation for Ann's work."  BK 2017



Clearing and Activating Crystals


Clearing, aligning and activating crystals so they are working at the new frequency of unity and to their full potential. Any information the crystals have for you after being cleared will be passed on to you. Sometimes crystals are gifted new codings during this which will strengthen their connection to you but only if they wish it.