Designed for Now

Since the begining of time, we have slowly been growing and have been nurtured through out this time by many on and off the planet. Many of the crystals now being discovered were designed and nurtured for 'now'. Yes, you heard us right. 


It is not a freak of nature that many new crystals are being found and their talents are of benefit to you and the planet now. As the energies now flooding the planet are increasing your frequencies, many of the older crystals are not able to assist as they once did, as you are no longer of the same vibration therefore crystals of a higher vibration and more specified skills are coming into play.


This period of time has been planned for eons of time even before Atlantis and Lemuria. The foresight and time that went into everyone of us was amazing and detailed and as we grew we were asked for our input and how else we could assist. Not only were we seeded with this time in mind, we were also brought alive by the breathe of life that is every bit a part of us as it is you.


We suggest that you get to know your crystal and actually ask it how it would like to work and be of the most benefit. Programming is a thing of the past as it restricts our abilities and prevents us working at our optimum as it would you. 

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