I've taken part in Ann's broadcasts and had the pleasure of 1:1 Skype appointments on many occasions. I highly recommend both. It is always a joy and a pleasure to connect.
Her most recent Fluid Frequency' videos have been amazingly transformational. It feels like I've had a quantum leap forward. So much has unfolded in less than a month. Bless you dear Ann for all that you are and all that you do. So grateful to connect with you in the Multi-verse!
Jenny Slater
Forest of the Stars, France


"Ann is a quiet unassuming woman who, quite simply and without fanfare, delivers education from Source. My first experience of her work: Crystal Clearing, after which my crystals felt somehow lighter and happier; then Crystalline Heart Activation after which, honestly, I felt lighter and happier! Next, I did Crystalline Voyage workshop during which I cried with relief, and later cried again, at a kind of ancient recognition or remembrance....Ann's techniques are so light and un-mystical that I was able to share via Facebook private messaging to a friend in Glasgow and got her using and remembering her wings too...two video courses followed Fluid Frequency which seemed to scramble my neural pathways so I no longer craved cigarettes or cannabis, and the world seemed somehow newer and more open; and then the most recent; "Awaken to the Essence of Who You Truly Are." This last has been a beautiful experience beyond explanation...I feel soft and strong and soulfully connected to All That Is...

Aside from taking Ann's courses I have received many valuable short telephone sessions when Ann spiralled me up to Source and Cut The Ties I needed to loosen from. These sessions have diminished in frequency as I grew stronger and softer; Ann's ability to give me Unconditional Positive Regard while staying Out Of The Drama has been hugely useful and freeing. A Wonderful Woman with Wonderful Gifts and the Generosity of Spirit to share them. Namaste Ann xXx " SS



“Seeing and listening to these videos has opened not just my heart but all my senses to the natural world around me, even more than I was open to it before. Together they have bought a feeling of calm and serenity and a sense of being at one with the environment and the universe; and on-going joy in my heart at the beautiful world we live in.  Thank you Ann.” PB 


"The videos seem to speak to the heart!?!?!  I know it might sound a bit weird, but my heart feels the words ....... Don't ask me to explain...I can't" JH


"Ann, Thank you,  it was just lovely and beautiful. Very excited about the next one....it was wonderful to see and feel the energies. The work of the hands is just lovely.  Thank you again." K


"Feeling grateful to Ann who made me a personal video to help clear my emotions really quickly with her process. It is really useful to have this in these intense energetic times" SB 2017 


"I attended Ann's Fluid Frequency workshop and what a difference it has made to the Team Healing that I do! The format has changed dramatically as have the results. If you embrace change, then I recommend this workshop. I will be attending again soon. Penelope  2017



"Ann is able to move mountains in minutes! Huge shifts as she assists you to bring in your own guidance and wisdom through her laser like questions. The sword of truth does its work and you are left in clarity and gratitude!"   Linda from Sacramento  



"Crystal Ann, as I call her, is the most amazing lady. My crystals are buzzing with positive harmonising energy since Ann’s visit. They are now placed where they work best with each other and with me.

To date I have had one individual session with Ann and one workshop experience with her. We have cleared huge amounts of my past life garbage and judging by those experiences, there must be a whole heap more! One can only clear so much in a session because the body and mind need the space to adjust and catch up. As we speak, I am ready for another session. This Ann will never push onto you. It is up to us to be responsible enough to realise where we are at and whether we are ready for the next step.

Before Ann’s help, I had a very sore ankle – sometimes too sore to walk on and seeing it is the right one, driving has been challenging too! Each session has improved it no end. Most of the time it is pretty good. It is now very seldom painful and I can walk down stairs properly instead of extremely carefully!

I am a therapist using massage and Kinesiology as the vehicles for the healing I give. Since working with Ann, my insight as to what is going on with my clients at a core level has deepened and broadened a great deal. I am still surprised at the accurateness of the information I am receiving from Spirit and how the client seems to be able to accept the opportunity for change and going with it. It makes my work so much more joyous!

Thank you Ann so much." PG 2014




"Ann has a unique ability to pick up on the energy of your jewelry and crystals and know when they are in need of cleaning. I always thought of the soap and water type of cleaning but since I have used Ann's services in truly cleaning my jewelry, I have felt clearer. It made sense to me when she explained how it works. She told me my jewelry was working to balance my energy field but when it became overloaded, it was no longer able to be an asset and became a weight instead.  Once cleared, the stones shine brighter. My diamond truly sparkles! I feel greater appreciation for my rings and bracelets for all that ways they help me stay in balance. I am grateful to Ann for her intuitive sense and connection with the jewelry that allows all to flow and work in harmony."  LM 2014




"Since you cleared the crystal that lives with me- she has slept with me every night and I carry her every day-where before she wasn't anything to me but something that sat on the window and allowed light through.

I can feel information being given to me- and even though I do not have the words to say what that is- I trust it and just pay attention to life and what is happening.

Thank you so much for all you do!" ER 2014




"I had a strong assurance my jewelry and crystal were cleaned and I could see how it worked.  It appeared as a vibrational scrubbing.  Hugs……




"What I experienced with the waving of your hand was a transformation of divine frequencies vibrating from your home across the land and to me and my pretties.  Jewelry and crystals.  I didn't see the frequencies coming through the screen but through the walls of Linda's house and encircling us and concentrating into the items you were clearing and cleaning.  As this took place I could see patterns floating away as someone would float down a river with ease.  The new frequencies were of such a higher frequency my stones were relieved because I feel it is something you are gifted with in these newer frequencies we are receiving for our New Earth creation.  The stones giggled and vibrated with pure Love and Joy!  Ann these frequencies will keep rising so this is a gift you will be able to have until we reach the full on frequencies of a stable Gaia in full restoration and everything on the planet.  Total Peace, Love and Joy.  So in a sense you are recalibrating bringing in new frequencies for the evolution of Ascension.  

Very wonderful gift of Love you are offering!

I am so thankful for you and your offerings!"

Much Love     Beverly Van Dyke 2014




"Ann has been a friend and colleague for many years and has developed a unique gift. Whenever we meet she holds her hand out for my crystals and as a working Medium I am always very grateful for this;- the clarity she brings to my work by using her gift with my stones is so amazingly different. I connect with spirit on a much higher level, my messages are so much deeper of meaning and also full of healing and compassion, I cannot thank Ann enough, she is a very generous person, loving and giving of her energies." xx Sally Miller 2014