My spiritual journey began after acquiring a close family member's ailments. The day I discovered that I wasn't a hypochondriac but a natural healer was a 'light bulb' moment for me. From there I trained as a healer with the Spiritualist National Union (SNU), qualified as a Swedish massage therapist and went on to Reiki and Magnified Healing. It was then that I was introduced to Lady Kwan Yin and Lord Melchizedek and my journey really took off and I have been working with these wonderful beings since then and was given Celestial Heart Energies by them in 2010.


2013 saw my life take a different route when I met a Lapis Lazuli skull called Leopold III and he informed me that I am THE CRYSTAL AWAKENER. I had been working with crystals for a few years especially with my Celestite 'Anastar' and cluster quartz 'Elder' and found i could clear them with my hands and thought nothing of it until I cleaned a friend’s earrings and we saw them change colour!


Much of what I do has changed beyond recognition as I have been on this amazing journey. Sometimes there feels very little of the ‘old’ me and no I don’t miss that aspect as I’m having too much fun and magic in this actual moment in time.

It is almost a year since language become part of the ‘new’ me.  I hear myself not only speaking but thinking in this wonderful fluid energy…..sometimes it translates though more often it clears and opens up avenues of opportunities that our hearts can understand.

Using these new found (yet I know they are ancient) skills has been enlightening as I step out of the shadow of doubt that I am losing my mind and embrace the joy and magic that is filling me on a minute to minute basis.  Now fluid language has joined my skills I find my hands moving at the same time; - clearing, activating, expanding, constructing.  No thought going into what I’m doing just letting the energy flow as required for that person in that moment.

Where are the crystals in my life? ….in every cell of my body as are the mountains and the waters …the beauty of now is there is no separation